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‘Perfect Sweat’ Series Films in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark


Oslo, Norway -- The ‘Perfect Sweat’ series, in cooperation with Bray's Run Productions and Monster is currently filming at locations throughout Scandinavia. Robin Hansen-Tangen directs the episode.


The ‘Perfect Sweat’ is a new kind of travel show that explores ancient bathing traditions around the world.


In this episode host Mikkel Aaland, author of “Sweat,” returns to his ancestral home in Norway, and with the guidance of local co-host Lasse Eriksen, witnesses a 21st century transformation of sweat bathing practices, fueled by Scandinavian innovation. Eriksen recently oversaw the development and construction of Scandinavia’s first world-class theatre badstue (Norwegian sweat bath) at Farris Bad, which accommodates over 100 bathers.


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September 18, 2018  Perfect Sweat Off:  Berlin


Following Satama and the world Aufguss Championships we are going to film an ambitious sauna/sweat marathon through Berlin.  Co-hosts for the upcoming Scandinavia and Japanese episodes, Lasse Eriksen (Norway) and Miki Tokairin (Japan) have graciously agreed to do the honors. We will start shooting Sunday the 23rd of September in the afternoon and finish up on Tuesday the 25th of September in the evening.  We will fit in as many Berlin sweats as possible in that time frame.



September 16, 2018


Perfect Sweat is flying to Berlin and Satama Spa to film the 2018 International Sauna Aufguss championships. We are looking forward to meeting up with our co-host on the sauna aufugss episode, Christine Rose, and her husband Mario Santini and all the other wonderful aufugss/sauna people we filmed in Italy last month. See you there!


September 1, 2018


People profile

From Spa Business 2018 issue 3

Mikkel Aaland

Photographer, author and sauna enthusiast


August 6. 2018


"Perfect Sweat" begins filming 3rd episode in Italy & Germany


Printed copies of the Perfect Sweat Production Stills books are now available through Blurb. Order here.

June 7th to June 10th, 2018 INTERNATIONAL SAUNA CONGRESS

Perfect Sweat will show selective work from the Finnish and Russian episodes at the 2018 International Sauna Congress, held at the twin cities of Haparanda and Tornio on the border between Sweden and Finland. Along with Mikkel Aaland and our executive producer, Greg Moga (HOPEFULLY!), our Russian co-host and guide, Anna Artemieva, will also be present.  The Sauna Congress is held once every four years and is attended by hundreds of sweat bathing experts, scholars, and enthusiasts from around the world. Mikkel attended the Congress in 1978 in Düsseldorf, Germany and in 1982 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.  See you in Sweden!

Summer/Fall 2018 SAUNA AUFGUSS Episode begins shooting

Perfect Sweat will start shooting the third episode this summer and fall, in northern Italy and Germany. Our guide and co-host will be Christine Rose. This episode will connect the ancient Roman bathing rituals with the modern Sauna Aufguss movement.  (Aufguss is a German word  for "Infusion" and the aufguss process consists of pouring cold water or ice blended with balsam scents on the hot coals.)   Sauna Aufguss is a wellness/purification/entertainment ritual performed in a sauna,  either by an aufgussmeister (Steam Master), or a contestant. While the Sauna Aufguss originated in Germany, Sauna Aufguss competitions started in northern Italy, the ancient home of the giant Roman thermae. These competitions are now held throughout the year and throughout Europe and the International Sauna Auguss Championships will be held from the 17. - 23. September 2018 at the Satama Sauna Resort  & Spa near Berlin.

November 2017 Sweat available on line

After a long hiatus, the original content of Sweat is back on the web. The actual book is difficult to find, and sells for anywhere between $200 and $3000.  You can find the content here for free.


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June 3, 2017  Sweat eBook Now Available Worldwide!  Sweat, The Illustrated History and Description of the Finnish Sauna, Russian Bania, Islamic Hammam, Japanese Mushi-Buro, Mexican Temescal, and American Indian & Eskimo Sweatlodge by Mikkel Aaland is now available for the first time in ebook format.



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